Friday, July 22, 2011

4 months

Zoey turned 4 months old this week, and she has entered this age with a bang! :)

We had her well-child appointment yesterday, and here are her stats:

14.1 pounds (57th percentile)
24.5 inches long (61st percentile)
16.6 inches head circumference (82nd percentile)

So basically, we have a perfectly average-sized baby with a big melon She got to show off all her new tricks for Dr. Pearson, and wowed him with giggling, squealing, head control, rolling, standing with assistance, and using mama as a climbing gym. I can't believe how fast she's growing and developing. Part of me is sad because I miss our tiny little newborn, but another part of me is so excited because I love seeing all the new things she's learning. That little brain of hers is so busy!

Dr. Pearson suggested we go ahead and let her try cereal, because she was sleeping through the night, and now she's not, so it's possible the reason why she's waking up so often is because she's hungry. What a little beast...haha...she LOVED her oatmeal cereal, even though I think she ended up wearing more than she ate! She didn't spit out very much of it, but she got so messy because she would grab the spoon and dump the cereal all over her hands, then try to lick it off her fingers. By the time we finished, she was covered head-to-toe in oatmeal, and we had to hose her down in the sink before we could even take her upstairs for a bath! Here's a series of pics from her little eating adventure last night...(please ignore the spacing/formatting issues, because Blogger is being weird right now)...

Her tasty treats - Earth's Best Organic Whole-Grain Oatmeal with Bananas. (I know rice cereal is usually the "first food" of choice, but the oatmeal just sounded like it tasted better than plain ol' rice cereal. Plus, she'd had formula with added rice before for spit-up, and didn't have any issue with it.)

I'm not sure about this, Mom. What's going on? Where's my bottle?

Hmmm, this is kinda good. I think I'll gnaw on my spoon for a while.
 Hey, there's no more on the spoon! Keep the food coming, Mom, don't you know I take my food seriously!
  Nom nom nom. I wonder what Daddy's camera lens would look like if I grabbed it with my cereal-covered fingers?
I could get used to this...
Yep, Mom, I've been thinking about this cereal stuff...I think I like it! 

In other big news, we finally found daycare for Zoey! Technically, we already had a spot for her at a home daycare near my work, but I basically took the spot out of desperation, because back in May when I was searching, there were hardly any infant spots to be found anywhere in town. I feel confident that Zoey would have been safe there, but my "mommy instinct" just didn't feel right about it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I felt so very hesitant about leaving her there. Plus, the lady charged extra for any hour over 40 hours in a week. Working 8-5, we're already at 45 hours because of the lunch hour, so that was going to add up.

Well, because of all that, I've kept one ear open for new infant spots opening up at reputable home daycares. I met with an amazing lady on Monday and loved her, but we had a miscommunication of sorts, and she gave our spot away before I confirmed we wanted to come (ugh!). Wednesday, I had another appointment with someone else, and I knew the minute I walked in there we wouldn't be attending daycare with her. No way. Well, it just so happens I got the name and number of a lady in my neighborhood (just 4 blocks away!) who operates a licensed in-home daycare. She was so pleasant on the phone, and even sweeter in person. I have seriously never met someone so professional and prepared, yet so kind and welcoming at the same time. Not only did we mesh well, personality-wise, but she's open from 5am-6pm, which means I would never have to worry about leaving work early to pick up Zoey on time. She loves cloth diapering, and will gladly use CDs for us...and, she offered up references and the name/number of her licensor at the state without me even asking. I feel so comfortable with her, and am actually semi-excited to take Zoey there starting August 22. (Let's be honest - I'm not thrilled I have to pay someone a crapload of money to watch my child while I have to work and be away from her, but since it has to be done, I think Miss Theresa is about the best we can find for Zoey's caregiver, and I am very happy about that.)

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  1. I love the series of pics of her eating! That's hilarious!