Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our wedding, part 1

I'm totally stealing another one of Mrs. EyeCanSee's clever blog post ideas. This time, it's wedding-related! Just like her, I became a blogger long after my wedding, so I didn't get to share all the planning details and such with the internet. So, I will now proceed to subject to you a series of longish posts interspersed with wedding pictures. Unfortunately, I got married back in the stone ages, and our photographer shot with film, rather than digital, so these are all poorly-scanned images. Mrs. EyeCanSee's pictures totally rock, and they're way better than mine! :-p

I think we had 191 confirmed guests, and all but one or two showed up. What a party! We were the biggest wedding our venue had ever hosted, but it turned out great.

I had Audra, my maid of honor, along with Tonya, Chandler, and Susan as my bridesmaids (all high school or college friends). My cousin Tarabeth, and Aaron's sister Hannah were our junior bridesmaids.

Here's the thing about our cake - I have no idea who made it! For being as detail-oriented as I am, I can't believe I just went with it, but I did. The cake and groom's cake were both included in our wedding package at our venue. All I had to do was just submit pictures/descriptions and flavors, and we were good to go! I will say that our cake lady was amazing. I had requested that our cake have roses cascading down the side, but she didn't feel like she was talented enough to do it with icing, so she just told us she wouldn't be able to do it. (All of this was relayed through our wedding coordinator.) Unfortunately, fresh flowers weren't included in the package price, and I wasn't about to spend extra, so I just left it in her hands, and decided I'd be happy with whatever she came up with. When I saw this on our wedding day, I was so happy, I was nearly in tears! The groom's cake didn't turn out too shabby, either...

After several months of frustrating searching, I finally found the dress about a year before we were to get married. The problem was, I'm a plus-sized girl, and most bridal stores don't carry very many plus-size samples to try. My mom (who intended to buy my dress) refused to purchase a dress without me being able to try it on in my size (argh!), so that left me without much to choose from. On a whim while we were out shopping one day, my mom and I stopped in a tiny bridal salon in south Oklahoma City. It just so happened they had a dress that I liked, in my size. It was a discontinued sample, and couldn't be ordered, so we had to purchase it that day. My mom thought I should wait until closer to the wedding, and I didn't want to let the dress get away from me, so I ended up buying it with my own money. Thank goodness it wasn't terribly expensive!

Aaron proposed to me on October 31, 2002. I was working part-time at Dillard's department store while I was in college, and I had dressed up as Anna Nicole Smith for Halloween that night at work. (This was before she died, obviously!) I had a big, blonde wig, a denim bustier with a furry jacket, and black leather pants. Yep, I pretty much looked like a hooker. When I got back to my apartment that night, Aaron came over to hang out, and as per usual, the topic of us getting engaged came up again. We had several friends who were either just-engaged or just-about-to-be engaged, so it was clearly on my mind! Well, unbeknownst to me, Aaron had his own plans to propose at Thanksgiving in front of my family, but he decided to take an "out" and avoid the Thanksgiving scene by just getting on his knees and proposing to me right then and there, without a ring, in the middle of a little "tiff" about that very topic! (Oops.) I had a fake engagement-type ring that he slipped on my finger that night, and the very next day, he took me to the jewelry store and let me pick out the ring of my dreams. :-)

We had mostly pink and white roses. Our flowers weren't exactly what I ordered (or at least, what I pictured) from the florist, but they were fine, and it was one of those details that when it comes down to it, all that matters is that I ended the day married to my wonderful husband.
Ok, that's all for today--more tomorrow!

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  1. I am stealing her idea too!! Going to post ours on our 8th Anniversary on August 9th - like you I have film photos! lol Funny how things change!