Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to school?

I'm strongly considering going back to school, for another bachelor's degree and then my MBA. Yes, I am 6 credits shy of my master's degree in Instructional Design & Technology, and yes, I should just knock it out and finish it before starting something new, but I'm REALLY not feeling it right now. The program I was in went through a bunch of changes, and it doesn't qualify for my employee tuition waiver anymore, and just...yeah.

So, what will I be (possibly) doing? I want my MBA, mostly because employers in this area look really fondly upon applicants and current employees with MBAs, for some reason. But, since my undergraduate degree is in Psychology, and not a business discipline, there are a whole bunch of undergrad business courses I'd have to take before I could be admitted into the MBA program, so much that I might as well take just a few extra classes and get a second bachelor's degree while I'm at it. I'm thinking about a degree in Managerial Finance/Accounting if I decide to do this. I need to meet with an academic adviser in the College of Business, so I know what previous undergrad courses transfer and count towards specific credit requirements. We'll see. I get gung-ho about this sort of thing, and then change my mind like 20 minutes later. :-p  I've really enjoyed not having school to think about, but it certainly wouldn't hurt me to have another degree or two under my belt in case we ever move somewhere else, or in case I have an opportunity for promotion here.

And on an unrelated note, a happy 50th birthday to my celebrity crush, Mr. Toby Keith. He's still got it! ;-)

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