Friday, June 24, 2011


We finally caved in and bought Zoey a Bumbo Seat this week, and I'm glad we did--she loves it! Here are some quick pictures from yesterday when she was trying it out...

PS, I've noticed as I've looked through Zoey's many pictures that Aaron has taken, that she has a lot of gender-neutral clothes and baby gear. Part of that was because we didn't find out what she was until almost 30 weeks (shy baby girl!), and the other part was because if we ever have a little brother for her, I didn't want to have to buy all new stuff because everything was pink! ;-) She does have a TON of girly clothes, a pink umbrella stroller, a pink rocker seat, and a pink pack n play. The pack n play is the only thing that I wish we went more neutral with, but oh well! Hypothetical Little Brother can deal with that one...hehehehe.

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