Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holy moly

I thought I was starting to get obsessed with cloth diapers...oh no, not even CLOSE! I found the wonder that is the DiaperSwappers forums today, and after just a few minutes on there, I realized I have barely even hit the tip of the iceberg. Some mamas on there have stashes of 100+ diapers for one child (uhhh, what?), and others are so obsessed, they'll pay in excess of $100 for one diaper. (Normal retail price - under $25.)

The thing is, these boutique/wahmie/mama-made diaper sellers (which is who I bought from--work at home moms who have started small diaper-sewing businesses) have gotten such a cult following on message boards, that many sellers cannot meet their demand and therefore can't keep any diapers in stock. So, they have "stocking dates", where they publish the date in advance that they will stock their online stores with a new batch of diapers. To get one, you either have to stalk the website and be quick on the draw (a la OU football or UND hockey tickets!), or you have to get one auction-style if the seller offers that. The auctions are crazy...I saw one today up to $105, and apparently that's pretty standard. Yikes!

Aaron doesn't have to worry about me doing that...I think it's absolutely INSANE! I can think of a lot better things to spend over $100 on, and it's not a diaper! ;-p

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