Monday, June 20, 2011

Zoey's first 3 months

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged, but I wanted somewhere besides Facebook to share what's going on with Zoey, so here we go again!

Highlights from Zoey's first 3 months:

- We had our first visitors on Easter - Aaron's parents came to meet their granddaughter, and we had a great time. The next weekend, our good friends Kristen, Michael, and Sarah drove up from Minneapolis to spend the weekend with us. Zoey and Sarah will have to have playdates in the future. :)

- Zoey had her 2-month well child appointment with Dr. Pearson on May 17, and she weighed 10 1/2 pounds (45th percentile), but was 76th percentile in length! She got the Pentacel shot (covers diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, and Hib), and didn't even act like it bothered her.

- She took her first plane ride to Oklahoma with me to visit my family in mid-May at just 8 weeks of age. She did so well, and slept through the majority of our flights!

- Also at 8 weeks, we had to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula because of my RA meds. I was heartbroken, but it seemed to bother me way more than it bothered Zoey. She's such a champ with the bottle and is definitely thriving!

- We drove to St. Louis for Liz and Jeff's wedding on May 29. Zoey did better than we ever expected on the car ride, and we had a great time seeing old friends and introducing Zoey to everyone. Aaron and I were both in the wedding party, and a big thanks to Katie for "babysitting" Zoey while we were otherwise occupied!

- My mom and dad brought their camper up and parked it at the campground in Larimore for the summer. Mom is watching Zoey every day since I returned to work on June 13 (Zoey was 12 weeks old). We're so spoiled, and won't want them to go home in September!

- Zoey turned 3 months old yesterday, on our 7th wedding anniversary. She rolled over from back to tummy twice last week for my mom, but she hasn't done it since. Come on, Zoey!

Here's a One True Media montage I made of pregnancy, birth, and Zoey's first three months of life...

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