Monday, June 27, 2011

Our weekend

What a fun weekend! Here's a little recap:


After work on Friday, Aaron biked downtown to meet up with some people for a Critical Mass. Unfortunately, not many showed up, so that was short and sweet for him. Since Zoey and I thought he'd be gone awhile, we took a little walk around our neighborhood and then went to Super Target to kill some time, stroll the aisles, and pick up a few odds and ends that we needed. On the recommendation of a co-worker, we picked up a container of Enfamil AR formula, hoping it would help with Zoey's spit-up problem. (Spoiler alert: It didn't. I guess she's just destined to be a spitter!)


Saturday morning, we all got up relatively early with plans to walk downtown to the farmer's market, but we ended up not going because we were trying to be good, and the temptation of Dakota Harvest Bakery was just too much! ;-p So, while Daddy got some work done on his dissertation and around the yard, Z and I drove out to Larimore to spend the afternoon at the campground with my parents. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took Zoey on a walk in the stroller. We stopped at the playground, and I held her in my lap while swinging. She LOVED it, and Mom and I heard her first giggles! Ohhh, such a sweet sound! (More on that later.)

After a delicious bratwurst lunch that my Dad grilled, we headed back into Grand Forks to check out the county fair. We didn't expect much (and it was about what we expected), but the petting zoo was awesome. They had tons and tons of animals, and Zoey enjoyed seeing them, since most of them were on her level. The goats liked Zoey...Mom has some pictures of them nosing around her stroller! We planned to check out some of the fair food (yum, corn dogs!), but Z had a diaper blowout, so I had to take her home and get her cleaned up.

As if that wasn't enough, Mom and Dad went downtown to the Blues on the Red outdoor concert. Aaron and I didn't plan on going, because we thought it would be too loud for Zoey, but then Mom texted that it wasn't too bad, so the three of us walked down to join them. Well, just as we got there, a new band came on, and blasted us out of our seats. Seriously, it was too loud even for an adult! So, Aaron, Zoey, and I sat up on the dike overlooking the town square and just enjoyed being out in the beautiful weather for awhile. We even had some people-watching entertainment as we watched a drunk guy fall face-first into the bushes. :-p

We slept in too late to go to church, but we did manage to catch Miss Z on camera with her giggles!

(If you're using a feed reader to read this, there's a video here, so click through to see it!)

After lunch, we were kind of bored, so despite the rain storm, we piled in the car to go to JC Penney's so Aaron could buy a suit for Feng's wedding (he's the best man), and then we went to Target again to kill some time before dinner. Not much exciting about Target, but I did get Zoey a pack of hair bows that actually stay in her little tuft of hair! So cute! We came home to put our groceries away, and decided we were ready for dinner--Blue Moose, yum. Zoey was a little fussy, so we hurried through our meal and got back home where she was a perfect angel, that little stinker! She and I read through 5 books before she was ready for her bedtime bottle and sleepytime. Her favorites were Where the Wild Things Are and Pat the Bunny.

Now we're excited for next weekend and all the 4th of July festivities we'll get to enjoy!

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