Thursday, August 18, 2011


That last post was pretty long...sorry! But, really, it was good for me to write everything out and I'm starting to feel more at peace with the fact that I was unable to breastfeed as long as I would have liked.

Anyway, moving on...

I thought it was time that I posted an update on our cloth diaper situation. Basically, I broke the cardinal rule of cloth diapering: I bought a whole "stash" without trying 1 or 2 first to make sure I liked them. So, I had a whole closet organizer-full of *beautiful* custom-made diapers for Zoey, but we really only liked the fit and function of a few of them. My wonderful friend Kristen came to my rescue and a.) suggested I sell off the ones I don't like on Diaper Swappers, and b.) loaned me some GroVias, FuzziBunz, and newborn prefolds (for absorbency), to see how I liked those. Once I tried the GroVia on Zoey, it was like the cloth diaper heavens opened up and the angels were singing. What a GREAT diaper!

Soooo...I now had the conundrum of what to do with our old diapers. I didn't want to spend all that money AGAIN on new diapers, nor did I want to go back to disposables, because the whole point of buying cloth diapers in the first place was not to have to buy any more sposies! Well, thanks to Kristen's awesome suggestion about Diaper Swappers, I've sold off the vast majority of our custom-made stash at or above the price I paid for them originally! Wahoo! I was also able to score a few gently-used GroVias off there to go with the new ones I bought. Let's just say the money I made off our old diapers didn't stay in my PayPal account for long!

I have a couple of other new announcements...

One, Zoey starts daycare on Monday. *insert sad panda face* Even though I know we've found a great provider, it's still hard (and costly! blarrrrgh!) to leave your little one with a stranger. Monday also brings the end of my parents' summer-long stay with us, and we're going to be really sad to see them go. They will never know how much Aaron and I appreciate them spending their summer in North Dakota so that Zoey didn't have to go to daycare when I returned to work in June after my maternity leave. I would have been a total basket-case!

Also, I received the great news today that I am now a paid writer at OnceAMonthMom! I applied for the position about a month ago, and after a pretty rigorous "assignment" (doing a mock menu), plus a Skype interview, I passed the test and am now onboard the OAMM writing staff! I'm so excited, not only to be able to write about my favorite topic (haha), but also because OAMM is growing by leaps and bounds, and being a part of that is just so cool!

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  1. Congrats on the OAMM gig! I really need to get on the ball looking for some freelance work because we are about to have to start sending Noah to daycare, too! You aren't kidding about it being expensive!