Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoey update

Zoey has finished her first full week of daycare, and other than one "bad report" day, she has adjusted quite well. She goes to a home daycare with 3 other little girls - Ava, Savannah, and Sydney. Not all of them come every day, so it's been great for Zoey (and the other girls) to get a lot of attention from Miss Theresa.

Zoey now takes two solid "meals" a day - cereal in the mornings at daycare, and a fruit and/or veggie in the evenings at home. Her list of foods she's tried is now up to: sweet potatoes, peas, apples, carrots, pears, peaches, green beans, broccoli, and mangoes. She loves them all! The only one she's really made a face about were the carrots, but she ended up eating them anyway. Peaches seem to be her favorite (mine, too!). There is no better smell in the world than a little baby after she's had a meal of peaches. What a sweetie! She also tried a spinach- and apple-flavored puff, but she wasn't quite sure what to do with it, so I guess we'll have to save those for later.

I've also discovered secondary uses for her baby food. A few months ago, I stocked up on Earth's Best organic purees when I found some on clearance, so I have a cupboard full of just about every variety imaginable. I had plans to try out a healthy lemon-berry muffin recipe, but discovered this morning that I was out of applesauce, which the recipe called for. I didn't really want to go get Zoey out to go to the store AGAIN, so I got the bright idea to search through her baby food, and see if I could find something that would work instead. Sure enough, I found a jar of pureed apples and apricots, so we'll give it a shot and see how it turns out.

Zoey is also babbling up a storm, eating her toes, and spending more and more time on her tummy, on her own initiative. I think it's just a short matter of time before she starts to crawl or scoot! She's also sitting up really well unsupported, but she hasn't figured out how to get herself to the sitting position without help yet. She also surprised Mama today when we were playing on the floor of her nursery - I was helping her stand, as she likes to do, when she leaned forward and used her hands to support herself on the second shelf of her changing table. She can't pull up to it by herself, but she sure can stand for a long time if she can steady herself on the table! Eeeeek! She's also extra-drooly these days, so I don't know if she'll be popping a tooth soon, or if she'll be one of those months-long teethers. Only time will tell!

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  1. My, goodness, the growing adventure continues! Will not recognize the changes when we see her once again. Thanks, again, for the privilege of witnessing the adventure this summer! Enjoy every phase! Love you! Gammy