Monday, August 15, 2011

Zoey's eating adventures

Somewhat on a whim, we decided to graduate Zoey from just cereal to baby food purees. She's now getting one single-ingredient fruit or vegetable puree each night, and she LOVES them! So far, she's had sweet potatoes, peas, and apples, and she hasn't shown a preference for any of them--she just eats them all! Mama prefers apples, because they don't stain her outfits. :-p  I suppose we'll just have to start feeding her naked, because even a bib doesn't catch the mess she seen here when she got a fistful of peas and decided to rub it all over her face!


  1. Ha! Love this! We haven't made it that far with Noah yet, but we added mushed banana to his rice cereal, and that made it go down a lot easier. I have a feeling once he figures out how fun it is to play with his food he will look just like Zoey does in the picture above!

  2. I was wondering if Zoey had tried any solids yet, exciting! Sweet potatoes are the babies' favorite!